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Laasto Delay

Our Lidocaine Delay Spray for Men is a safe delay spray designed to particularly decrease sensitivity. Whenever need be, use our lidocaine spray for effectively improving your experience without any side effects.

Helps you last loonger

Why choose laasto Delay ?

Helps Delay Climax

Delay your climax with Extend topical spray for heightened pleasure.

Quick and Effective

A simple solution that works in as little as 10-15 minutes, no need to plan in advance!

Boosts Confidence

Uplift your mood and be more confident! Get ready for a power-packed performance each time.

Reduces Sensitivity

Reduces sensitivity in the penis, helping you enjoy for longer.

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Happy Customers

โ€œ My hubby has an issue of PE, & I was not so happy in bed. Thanks to Laasto for bringing this product, now he can last up to 2 Orgs..at least. its really working if penis don\'t have ED issue. โ€œ


โ€œ I didn't initially have high hopes for this, but I'm genuinely surprised by the quality of the work. Yes, it burns a little at first when we apply, but as it starts working, it doesn't matter. Guys, if you want a long session, you have to try this. In 5 to 10 minutes, it begins to perform.โ€œ

Pavan Teja Tanagala

โ€œ 1st time used and totally satisfied with the performance yesterdayโ€™s night and wife is happy โ€œ

Ramesh K

"This is best spray i have used ever, just use 10 min before action,and it has long lasting effect . Also, no side effects such as dryness or itching"

Sunny N

โ€œ Just 2 full spray on the glans before the act and break the bed with high voltage jerks and let the room echo with loud moaning โ€œ